In the winter of 2016  Dave Mayer, his wife Monique Robert and her sister Micheline decided to share their backyard by creating a skating trail. It would allow young and old  to savour the pristine atmosphere near the Gatineau Park.

Little did they expect their initiative to become an instant hit: In the winter of 2016-2017 almost 20.000 visitors chose to drive up from Gatineau and Ottawa, and from places as far away as New York City and Australia. The dreamy village of Lac des Loups, or Wolf Lake, had turned into the place to be.

Dave, Monique and Micheline closely guard the purity of the skating trail. Far from loud noises and flashy banners, visitors will be able to relax and have a good time with friends and family, or enjoy the serenity of the forest by themselves.


Trail Map

The skating trail offers 3km of pristine ice of the best quality. 2 short-cuts are available just in case yours legs feel you have had enough for the day and want to join us in the cabin for a hot drink and snack.

We installed benches and leaning posts along the trail to allow you to catch your breath or enjoy the serenity of the forest.

For the non-skaters we offer a walking trail and a snow-shoeing trail.

Take a stop and warm up at our outdoor fireplace with a hot beverage.

We offer outhouses at the beginning of the trail and halfway.



At our chalet we offer hot drinks, soft drinks and snacks, to replenish your energy levels after skating. 

Enjoy the cosy atmosphere of our wood fires.

Also in the chalet is the Loupie Boutique, check it our here.


Making the Ice

Making high-quality ice is more an art than a trade. Every night our team is hard at work to get the ice ready for next day' s visitors.

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9 Montée Beausoleil, Lac des Loups, Quebec, Canada - from the start of the season open daily 10am to 4pm subject to changes after 7 Jan