1. The ice trail is not supervised at all times. When the ice trail is supervised, skaters must follow the instructions of staff on duty. 

2. Use of the ice trail is at the user's risk. 

3. Skaters must use the equipment in good condition. 

4. All children 12 years of age and under should wear a certified hard hat when using the ice trail. 

5. No heckling, game or excessive speed will be allowed on the ice trail. 

6. No hockey stick, object or other obstacles that could interfere with the use of safety of skaters will be tolerated. 

7. Minor first aid requests, equipment breakdowns, damaged facilities, or potential should be referred immediately to the employees. 

8. Any emergency should be referred to 911 and staff. 

9. Domestic animals, food and beverages are strictly banned on the ice. 

10. Domestic animals are not permitted on the site. 

11. All waste must be disposed of in the designated containers. 

12. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items or at the shelter. 

13. We have ZERO tolerance for bullying.

14. It is strictly forbidden to be in possession of alcoholic beverages and / or cannabis on the site. Anyone who shows signs of intoxication (impaired) and / or having a disturbing behavior may be denied access to the site and / or be expelled without refund or compensation.


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9 Montée Beausoleil, Lac des Loups, Quebec, Canada - from the start of the season open daily 10am to 4pm subject to changes after 7 Jan